Currently living in Philadelphia, Hoping to move to the west coast (somewhere in Oregon).
Last updated: April 7, 2016.

April 2016

  • I’m currently working on a book titled: “Indie Game Marketing: The x marketing tools you need to get your game in front of the right people.” I need to finalize the title soon. I have a small group I’m working with to get this ‘writing stuff’ done.
  • I spent most of my time having conversations and consulting. Writing is one of my weaknesses. But it’s the easiest way to share ideas with the world. I’m also working to improve my copywriting – with the help a lot of help from many professional copywriters (Like Oleg Starko, Alexis Rodrigo, Sophie Lizard, etc) the KopywritingKourse, and a dozen of other resources.
  • There goes keeping track of my metrics consistently!
    • Total newsletters written: 14 emails
    • Total posts: 2
    • Total indie developers I connected with via email: 13
    • Total indie developers I connected with via face-to-face: 7

March 2016

  • I launched the “Video Game Book Club” series as a test. It went pretty well for the first two weeks.  I wrote all about this experiment here:
  • The wins: Made developers some money – using low-hanging fruit strategies.
  • I didn’t track my metrics because I’m lazy. I really need to figure this stuff out.

February 2016

  • I’m finally back to normal with my schedule.
  • I think I want to start keeping track of some metrics to determine that I’m getting forward momentum. Every end of the month, I’ll update. These are only Serious Game Devs Only posts.
    • Total newsletters written: 10 emails
    • Total posts: 2
    • Total game developers I connected with via email: 6
    • Total game developers I connected with via face-to-face: 2

January 2016

  • I just got accepted to be the Course Developer for Mirasee. Working with Danny Iny and the entire team is so freakin’ amazing!
  • Pushing to work with Game Devs. I’m breaking through my Zone of Proximal Development. Super uncomfortable – but totally worth it.
  • Writing more. I want a Expert Gamasutra Blogger badge!
  • Going through Duolingo to understand French. Currently at 21% fluency!
  • Working on being a speaker. Get me into GDC!


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